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This service is for those who have written their manuscript - a novel, a memoir or a short story - and would like a full assessment of what is and isn't working. One of our team will read the entire manuscript and give you thorough and constructive written feedback. Once the appraisal document has been sent to you, you will have two weeks to take an optional one-hour long telephone consultation to discuss the report's recommendations.

Who this service is for:

This process takes an in-depth look at your work, which can result in anything from minor tweaks to a major rewrite, so do be prepared for that. For this reason, this service is for writers who:

  • Have written a decent second draft and now want to get the structure and content firmly in place before polishing the text and preparing for a copyedit.

  • Have completed a full draft, polished or otherwise, but it doesn't seem to be working and they don't know how to fix it. This process can help identify why.

What this service costs:

The cost of this service varies according to the word count. Once you have emailed us giving us more information about your manuscript, we will let you know the exact cost involved . For now, here are some guidelines to how we calculate our charges.

Novels & Memoirs - Full manuscript appraisal of up to 70,000 words is £595, plus £5 for every 1,000 extra words.

Short Stories - Short stories up to 2,000 words are £55, plus £10 for every 1,000 extra words.

How to book this service:

Firstly, congratulations on having got your manuscript ready for the next stage. We know only too well what a major achievement that is. You've worked hard to get this far; now have some cake and let us help you the rest of the way.

We need to know a little more about your project to give you an accurate quote, so please email us letting us have:

  • Your word count.

  • Your ambitions for the manuscript: self publish, agent etc.

  • Anything about your own writing experience that you think might be relevant.

Once we’ve looked at that, we’ll come back to you with a quote and a turnaround date (usually 2-4 weeks).

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