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We Can Teach You To Write

The Writing Retreat provides the skills and knowledge you need to transform your writing. We're here to help you learn to write and become the best writer you can be.

Writing Courses

Our online writing courses help you learn the skills every writer needs, at your own pace and when it suits you. No more dreaming about learning to write someday - you can get started right away.

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Stay Home Sundays

Our tutored half-day Stay Home Sundays live on Zoom are the perfect way to practice and learn with other writers; the best sort of company. Our 2021 programme has something for everyone.

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Residential Retreats

Our 5-night residential retreats, in beautiful houses in Cornwall, UK, are on hold because of the pandemic, but they will be back. Subscribe and be among the first to book when we resume. 

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Introductory Workshop on Point of View - FREE to subscribers

Is Point of View a bit of a mystery to you? Could you do with an explanation and the chance to practice writing from different viewpoints? Then this workshop is for you. In just one hour, it gives you a solid introduction to point of view in fiction and how it affects the story you are telling. It's absolutely FREE to our subscribers. What are you waiting for?

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Need Help To Write Your Novel?  

Sometimes you need hands-on support to write your novel or make progress with a writing project. We can teach, coach, mentor, edit or critique. Whatever you need, get in touch, and we'll help you. 

Copy Editing

Copy editing is micro-level editing of your final copy, preparing your work for public consumption. It not only erases any grammatical inconsistencies but also involves revising the text for your use of style and language, pace and punctuation. This is an essential stage that every manuscript needs to go through in preparation for publication. We will help you polish your text until it shines. 

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Manuscript Appraisal 

Our skilled and objective  manuscript appraisal will assess your entire manuscript and give you expert advice to help you revise your writing. Do your characters have their own narrative arcs? Is your plot hole-free? Is your story well structured? Will the reader want to turn the page? We will consider all this and much more, and our feedback will be thorough, honest and always constructive. 

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One-To-One Support

If you're stuck or blocked, one-to-one support could be the answer. You may be struggling with an aspect of writing craft, or need a sounding board for ideas, or perhaps you prefer individual tuition to joining a group. We can guide you personally through any aspect of your writing journey. Whatever the issue, and however you want to use one-to-one sessions, you will have our undivided attention.

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Expert writing tutors

Expert Writing Tutors 

We're Kath Morgan and Jane Moss, two writers and expert writing tutors from Cornwall in the UK.

We're here to help you be the best writer you can be.

Whatever your ambition as a writer, we'll help you find your way.

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Great Reviews For The Writing Retreat

Here at The Writing Retreat we've had the honour to be a part of the writing journey for many writers over the years, from complete beginners to commercially successful published authors. Here's what a few of them say about The Writing Retreat.

Ellen McGarrahan - photo credit Alan Williams
Ellen McGarrahan

"With Kath and Jane's wise kind guidance I have learned all the aspects of craft. With The Writing Retreat I’ve learned that it’s okay to call yourself a writer. It’s that belief that I cherish most." 

Ella Walsworth-Bell
Ella Wallsworth-Bell

"Without The Writing Retreat I'd never have progressed beyond the 'dreaming about writing' stage. Writing is a craft that anyone can learn, but not everyone can teach it."

Jill Tresedar
Jill Treseder

"The Writing Retreat's  course on novel structure was invaluable. I will never be a planner (tried it once, disaster) but I now have a strategy for rescuing myself from chaos. Great value."

Cass Grafton
Eve Collett

"My confidence and belief in my own writing ability has soared with The Writing Retreat, and I came away with a head full of new ideas. They are excellent teachers, and their advice is invaluable."

Robin Falvey
Robin Falvey

"If you're looking for writing tuition, you really can't do better than Kath and Jane at The Writing Retreat. They are friendly and generous, and are extremely good teachers."

Eve Collett
Cass Grafton

"The Writing Retreat is one of the best investments I’ve made in my writing apprenticeship. I was battling with stumbling blocks on a novel I just couldn't seem to finish, which is now published."

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