Get to Grips With The Building Blocks of Fiction

The course will consist of a mix of 25 hours of tutor-led classes on zoom, access to an online discussion and feedback forum, and individual tutor feedback on a final piece of writing up to 3,000 words long. 

  • You’ll have tutor-led sessions live on zoom 
  • You’ll have access to an online community 
  • You’ll get written and verbal feedback 
  • Your writing skills and knowledge will grow  

This course is pragmatic, not theoretical. We won't be discussing abstract concepts of literary theory, we will be diving right into the nitty gritty of how you, as the writer, can make your words work on the page. Writing fiction is only in part an art. A large part of it comes down to craft. There are numerous tricks of the trade that all those published writers know about, and by the end of this course, you will too.  

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Who is this course suitable for?

This course is perfect for those just starting out and those who have dabbled before but never really got to grips with the craft basics. It has also proved popular with those who want a refresher after a long break. The course will focus on the building blocks of fiction that draw a reader in and make the words flow across the page.

When you take this course you will learn how to:

  • Create great characters out of thin air
  • Devise settings that come alive for the reader
  • Write dialogue that isn't just conversation
  • Recognise the various point of view options
  • Use showing rather than telling when appropriate
  • Ensure your story has a basic story shape to it
  • Select concrete words and paint specific images
  • Hook your reader in, then keep them on the line

What this course will NOT do is teach you about structure in any depth, because this is a huge subject in its own right and far too many courses over-promise on 'plot and structure' then fail to deliver. Tagging it on to a more general fiction writing course does little to really equip the learner writer with the understanding they need to tackle structure well, leading to a glut of formulaic writing. So, on this course we will concentrate on the words on the page rather than the Story, how you will say it rather than what you will say. It all needs doing well if you want to write publishable fiction. 


Ellen McGarrahan

I quickly learned that there was a lot I did not know about craft, from story arcs to characters, techniques and approaches I’d heard about but never studied. I learned to trust my own interior editor, to make decisions based on what I want to say, not on what I think someone else will want or  think is right. To find my inner north star.

Sarah Wooding

I completed one of Kath's creative writing courses and could not recommend her more highly! Like most people I felt very vulnerable the first time I shared my writing with a group, but Kath creates a fun and supportive environment, which is thoroughly enjoyable. Go on, sign up for one of Kath's courses - you'll love it!

Rebecca Heane

Kath Morgan is a fantastic teacher as she shares her knowledge and experience freely. She helped me find my style and I learnt the craft of writing during my time with her. I began knowing nothing and now I have the skills and confidence to do something I have always wanted to do, write! I have Kath to thank for getting me started. 

Cass Grafton

The Writing Retreat is one of the best investments I’ve made in my writing apprenticeship. I was battling with plot stumbling blocks on a novel I just couldn't finish. Thanks to the guidance and encouragement of the lovely writing tutors, Jane and Kath, it's now published.

Jill Treseder

The course on Structure was invaluable. I will never be a planner (tried it, disaster) but the framework(s) provided by Kath and Jane means that I have a strategy for rescuing myself from the chaos that can result from not planning. And, spookily, the chaos is much less chaotic than it used to be!

Julia Webb-Harvey

Kath & Jane embrace all levels of writers, and there is a collegiate feel. You also have to be careful - writing is addictive and with their input, I grew in confidence, found my voice. I'm now doing a PhD (Creative Writing) so it is a strong path they lay. I can definitely recommend The Writing Retreat.

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Access course from anywhere

You can enjoy the course in the comfort of your home or take your laptop to your favourite place; find somewhere peaceful where you won't be disturbed. It doesn't matter where you are as long you can focus and get the most from the course.

Enjoy working in a group

You will spend ten Tuesday evenings in the classroom on Zoom, working with your tutor and your peers to cover the key learning points of the module. There's nothing quite like the support and camaraderie of your own writing tribe to boost your confidence.

Are you ready to learn to write prose that flows along the page and draws readers in? 

In these ten weeks you will learn the key tricks of the trade that can make all the difference to how a reader is able to access and enjoy your stories. Writing fiction doesn't simply fall into place because you've read a lot. There are specific skills to be learned. Learning them will instantly transform your writing into something that's more engaging and rewarding for the reader, and is therefore of a more publishable standard.

Start Date: 13th September 2022

Price: £395

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