Our Get To Grips Courses For Writers

Get To Grips With Point Of View

Finally, a mini-course that tells you exactly what writers mean by 'point of view'. This course will explain how point of view works and why it really does matter. Point of view is about both viewpoint and perspective. Understanding this will transform your writing. 

£75 GBP

Get To Grips With The Craft Of Fiction

COMING SOON This 10-week course will teach you the essential craft of fiction: how to create compelling characters, how to bring settings to life, how to write dialogue that moves the story on, how to plot a page-turner... and much much more.  

£395 GBP

Get To Grips With Novel Structure

COMING SOON A great novel has great novel structure, taking the reader from start to finish, with no saggy middle. This satisfying 10-week course shows you how to create a tightly structured narrative with a plot that drives the story forward to its satisfying conclusion.

£395 GBP

Our Stay Home Writing Workshops

The 7 Stories

The 7 Stories teaches you the 7 basic plots that have been repeated over and over throughout history, reflecting the human condition and how we experience our world. Understanding the type of story you are telling will help you tell it well. This half-day workshop explores what those seven stories are and how knowing them helps you, the writer.

£25 GBP

The Hero’s Journey 

We are so bombarded with this ancient story structure, known as the hero's journey, that it is hardwired into our culture and expectations of what we will get when we sit down with a film or a good book. This half-day workshop walks you through the twelve steps that take your hero from ordinary nobody to heroic somebody, all in the space of one story.  

£25 GBP

The Character Archetypes

Our understanding of the character archetypes that populate stories is as subconcious as our understanding of story types. This half-day workshop teaches you the main archetypes, and explores how knowing them can help you, the writer, control the forces that drive your story through to a satisfying conclusion.

£25 GBP

Our Introductory One Hour Workshops

Introductory Workshop: Point of View

If you're confused about the four point of view choices available to you as a writer of fiction, this one hour workshop will give you a great introduction. You will also understand why your choice of perspective so drastically alters the story you tell and the way that you tell it. Right now, we are making this workshop absolutely FREE to our mailing list members, so just sign up and come on in.

£20 GBP