Sunday retreats in person at Flushing Sailing Club 

For spring 2023: learn how to create Heroes and Villains who walk off the page

Three Sunday retreats

Sunday retreats at Flushing Sailing Club 

Our monthly retreats are held in Flushing Sailing Club, an iconic building overlooking the spectacular views of Falmouth Harbour. Running from 11.00am to 4.00pm they include all refreshments, a delicious home-cooked lunch, and cake. Bring your pen and notebook and let us provide the rest.

Heroes and Villains, spring 2023

These three retreats have the theme Heroes and Villains. Create a compelling protagonist (the hero of your story), an authentic antagonist (the villain who opposes your hero) and see what happens when they meet (the conflict between them). The dates are: 19 March, Meet Your Hero; 23 April, Enter the Villain; 21 May, When Hero and Villain Meet. Each retreat can be enjoyed on its own, and if you book the series of three you can claim a discount.

LIVE Retreat Sundays - Meet Your Hero, 19 March 2023
LIVE Retreat Sundays - Enter the Villain, 23 April 2023
LIVE Retreat Sundays - When heroes and villains meet, 21 May 2023
LIVE Retreat Sundays: All three of the Heroes and Villains retreat days

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"Thank you both for being so good at directing us and enabling us to listen to others' inspiring work!" Virginia Barker, November 2022