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Our Introduction To Point Of View will help POV become less of mystery to you. Could you do with an explanation of what it is and what your choices are, together with the chance to practice writing from different viewpoints? And what's the difference between a character's perspective and point of view in which the story is written? Come on in, find out, and have this one on us. Just enter the code POVFREE and tick the subscribe box at the checkout stage for a 100% discount.

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The Difference Point Of View Makes

And Why It Really Matters

The point of view in which you write a story makes a massive difference to how it comes across to the reader and directly affects the story you tell. Then there's the separate but related question of which character's perspective you choose. That's different to the actual POV in which you write: first person, third person limited or... what? Confused?

Our one-hour workshop will start to untangle the confusion and give you an opportunity to write from different perspectives and in different point of view styles. The workshop is  £20 but right now you can have it absolutely FREE as a member of our mailing list. Simply sign up below.

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You can enjoy the workshop in the comfort of your own home or take your laptop to a favourite place where you won't be disturbed. It doesn't matter where you are as long you have access to WIFI and can focus on the work at hand.  

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Are you an early bird or a night owl, busy all day and out in the evenings? The beauty of this half-day workshop is that you can do it at a time that suits you best, and complete it at your own pace. Once you purchase it, it's yours for a full month. 

Ready For An Introduction To  Point Of View?

When you enrol on our Introduction to Point of View it will be available to you immediately and for one full month. It takes just  around an hour. Once you've completed it, you will know what the four points of view are and have a better idea of how the choices you make around point of view affect the story you tell.

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Check Out Our Get To Grips With Point Of View Course 

Our Get to Grips with Point of View course takes a  more in-depth look at the four different points of view: how they work, how to choose between them, and how you can mix up and manipulate them, while always staying in control. 

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