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Learn How To Write With Our Stay Home Writing Workshops

Our live autumn series of half-day Stay Home Sundays are starting soon and they've got us thinking about how to create the ideal conditions for a writing retreat at home. With a little thought and forward planning it can be done. 

Here’s what we recommend: 

  1.  Clear your diary. Get someone else to walk the dog, do the chores, and take care of the family. This is your writing time and it's valuable.
  2. Choose a quiet room where you won't be interrupted. Put your phone on silent, turn off social media alerts, and shut down the email. 
  3. Tell anyone else at home that you aren’t available while you retreat with us. This is your private time.
  4. Have a notebook and pen handy, and your laptop. You'll need your essential writing tools.
  5. Line up a supply of coffee, tea and a treat for breaks. If you can avoid going to the kitchen that's probably a good idea. As soon as you leave that writing room the rest of life will demand your attention. Do not, repeat, do not touch the dishwasher!
  6. Use short breaks, built into our Stay Home sessions, to take a good stretch, get some fresh air and move around a bit. You'll return to the writing desk refreshed. 
  7. And of course (commercial break...), treat yourself to one of our Stay Home Sundays or download our new video version of the Seven Stories live event we ran in spring 2021. All our Stay Home Sundays happen first live on Zoom and then become available as videos for you to enjoy in your own time.

Our autumn Stay Home Sundays are about writing for younger readers, so if that's a topic that intrigues you they're a great place to start and become familiar with the rules. Places are limited so sign up soon if you'd like to take part: just £25.00 for the three hour workshop, live on Zoom.

Or, our online video courses can be followed anytime you like for a full year once you've purchased them, all for just £25.00 each. 


See you soon.

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