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Get To Grips With Point Of View - Our New Course Tells You How

We're excited to announce the first in our new series of Get to Grips online courses, designed to help you learn the essential skills of creative writing. For our first course we've chosen that mysterious thing called point of view, or POV for short.  

In this video Jane gives you a little sneak preview. See if you can identify the POV being used in this short example from a best selling novel.

If you've been writing for a while you'll be aware of it, but have you truly grasped it? Point of view and the choices you make as a writer is something we are asked about time and time again. Even the most experienced writers grapple with it. It can take several drafts to settle on the point of view that is right for the story you want to tell. If you struggle with it, you are not alone, and we can help. 

Our new video course takes you through the four major point of view  options: 

  • First person, the one that uses 'I'
  • Second person, the one that uses 'you'
  • Third person limited, the 'he, she, or they' one
  • Third person omniscient, the all-seeing 'he, she or they'. 

But what is the difference? Our course explains each one with examples, giving you opportunities to try them out for yourself in guided real-time writing exercises.

We've had a great time putting this new course together. We are certain it will transform your understanding of how to choose, control, and - most useful of all - spot and fix the slips that can so easily happen.

Get to Grips with Point of View is available to purchase for just £75.00, a real bargain. 

See you soon.


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